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Slim Porlex Hand Grinder

Readers of CoffeeMumboJumbo reviews already know that here is the place for impartial, independent and fair assessments.

You will also know that the Aeropress is one of CoffeeMumboJumbo’s most tried, tested and loved pieces of equipment – and yet, like most things the Aeropress is “nothing” without a trusted companion. In this case the slim Porlex hand grinder – not only because this model fits perfectly into the Aeropress, should you want to have freshly brewed coffee at your fingertips when travelling but because the slim Porlex hand grinder just does a great job grinding precious coffee beans!

Slim, elegant in its looks, made out of stainless steel, the piece de resistance are the ceramic, conical burrs.
You may have heard or read before that when it comes to splashing out on a grinder it is one hundred percent worth going the extra mile and getting a grinder which has burrs as opposed to blades! Why? Because blades get hot, burn the grind and basically blades cut as opposed to grind! In our case, when it comes to reducing the size of coffee beans, cutting doesn’t do a good job. It’s as simple as that!

So, do the beans and yourself a favour. Get a burr driven grinder. Conical or flat burrs. I don’t mind which. Some connoisseurs will argue conical is “better” than flat. CoffeeMumboJumbo has yet to see a huge difference between the two burr systems to take a valued position.

The slim Porlex grinder is amazing – Yes, it is fully manual 😉 so you will need a bit of elbow grease when operating it but, then again, it comes with great satisfaction if you look at it like having a bit of a workout before indulging. The handle fits perfectly onto the top and is easy to turn. You too will have it down to a “T” in no time.

Changing the coarsness/fineness couldn’t be easier. When removing the bottom chamber where you grind into, you will see the ceramic grinding mechanism. A screw is put in place to hold the two burrs together and to select the setting. This screw also comes in handy when you are ready to clean the burrs. Unscrew it all the way and the burrs will come apart. But please do that over a table. You don’t want the burrs – they are made of breakable ceramic – to fall from a height and shatter – Ouch, it has happened to CoffeeMumboJumbo which is why I’m sending out a warning!
Put the burrs in lukewarm water, scrub gently with a toothbrush so to get rid of the oils. They become rancid after a while and contaminate your fresh beans. Dry off the clean burrs and put them together again. There is no need to do that after each grinding session but I would recommend you do it regularly and certainly when introducing totally different coffee beans to your grinder. As for the top chamber where  the whole beans  go into and the bottom chamber where your ground coffee will be, are equally easy to clean. I usually do that with a dry kitchen towel.

Convinced? I hope so because this grinder will do a great job. It’s a huge step up from getting pre-ground coffee. But, don’t just believe me. Get freshly roasted beans and try it!

PS: Check back in as I will soon be reviewing electrical burr grinders here too. Namely, the Rancilio Rocky and the Mahlkoenig Vario.

PPS : should you by misfortune drop the ceramic burrs, don’t panic. You can purchase them separately :) In fact, if you have spare cash, it’s always good to own a spare set!